Scared For What?

Been so full of fear lately,For reason I cannot explain yet.But,Can I eliminate it without knowing every answer to each question I ask myself way,Way too often?I only ask because,I've been trying to find them!And,Have continously failed,To no avail,Knowing that I've need help along my way...Reaching out my hand to others just,To watch more of... Continue Reading →

Spaced Out

Vastness of space clutters the mind.In silence.Even if Anxiety hits its boiling point,What other choice do you have,But,To patiently sit while you feel it slip away?There are no answers.Just,An ebb & flow of life we're forced to sway to.Either with a smile,Or,A frown.Whatever your dear heart may choose…

4 The Love Of Poetry

Poetry doesn't judge. Poetry will never reject you. Poetry will never ridicule you for the feelings that rise up to the very top of your spine. It's why I let it devour my life. It's why I let it consume my soul, With all of its smiles and Laughter washing away each tear from my... Continue Reading →

What I Want

My stewardship of Poetry means the world to me and more. All I'd love to do is escape into a desolate land where words grow on Trees while Authorship shines brightest. Where souls peacefully mesh into one Being in order to create a story that is new under the sun. But, how often to we... Continue Reading →

Rejuvenating Light

Christ rejuvenates my soul when I'm drowning. Even when I'm found dead inside of the arms of Satan himself, After all the trouble I've started... Christ even loves those dearly departed. Locked in a chamber of horrid thoughts he, Cleanses, As we're reborn through his divine presence...

Suggested Prompts!

Hey Universe! May the Sun shine its brightest your way! I wanted to let everyone know that if there is a topic or prompt that you'd like me to write about, please feel free to drop a comment below and let me know, as I'm definitely a soul who loves to converse and see what's... Continue Reading →

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