You Just Can’t Be

Is it evil if your smile’s the upheaval to each frown that is lethal to my,
If I’m already broken in pieces,
The thought of you glues them back together,
How can I ever be sickened,
By what isn’t wicked to a heart beating slower when it sees you?…

You know,
They say your heart beats faster when you’re around the one who gives you butterflies.
But I,
Must defer!
Anytime I am in front of her?
I feel like I flew from a coop,
Wishing they could shut my mouth when I try to muster words…

Words I must gather for battle against benevolent thought.
Thoughts I incinerate with fire you spark inside of my eyes illuminating a plot I,
Was almost buried inside of,

My dear!
You may distract me from what’s ugly in this world,
Believe it or not,
I find that part about you the most beautiful.
How can your smile ever strike someone as evil,
Even if you had a few little cracks,
All of us have,
Anytime we’re forced to gaze within our stained mirrors?…

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