Rootz Of A Lost Bronx Child – Freewrite #38

Had to take a minute to sit down and reflect on my state of mind hoping I can get to know myself a little bit more. Because, as much as I love to write my heart away, my palms itch for some difference. Something to take my eyes away from memories I'm sick of replaying... Continue Reading →

Freewrite #35: Will Be Saved, Someday.

Who knows why I’m typing all of these letters down this exact moment. All that’s known by a heart caved in by deceit and endless hits of weed smoke is, that it doesn’t want to die, even if it seems to reach a flatline closer as the days pass by… And, Goku along with poetry... Continue Reading →

Freewrite #33: Don’t Listen To Em’

Deceivers. Bullies. How to deal with them? Well, there simply is no such thing as "dealing" with anything that doesn't exist... I mean, are you going to willingly waste each precious second ticking faster by the sound of your complaints about a circumstance you wish to escape? Yea, so frustrating it is to sit and... Continue Reading →

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