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Rotten Apples

Why is this rotten feeling inside of me whenever I'm not clouded by weed smoke?Why can't I just smile and enjoy the day without a teardrop or two drowning that possibility away?Most call it anxiety,But,Maybe it's my refusal to be myself in world that stopped inspiring me,The day my ex left me in dumpster of... Continue Reading →

In Need Of Love

Desolation.Abandoned by those who've promised they wouldn't.Left stranded,Labeled a beast who shall be devoured by his own thoughts.Unworthy of love as a man with barely any change as well as anyone to hold,In a world that feeds it's cold heart by biting his flesh.Yet,He's only wrapped up in the one world he's made,While endlessly searching... Continue Reading →

Moral Compass

If you're wondering where I've been? Climbing out of an abyss. I do think about many moments I've missed. Missed calls, Ignored messages, Accumulating as my anxiety rises. But I do ask, Where are you during my mental crisis? I'm still here, Because I can't jump off bridges already burnt, Even though I'm trying.... Think... Continue Reading →

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