How’s It Really Like?

How's it like to be normal?Don't really know what that's like.Others smile,Others hug,Others wave and say "Hi!"I,Pat myself in the back and move forward.I,Thank God anytime I see humans love one another,I...Just don't really know what a hug even feels like,Anymore...

What Is Home

Ain't it sad,When you can't remember the last hug you've had?I mean,Not really.I can sit here,Be mad,And keep reeling wretched memories over and over again.Or,Come up with another bar,Further entrapping emotions trying to keep me from being sober in this,Labyrinth with walls made of glass.See-through walls in the mind of my inner child,While I search... Continue Reading →

Journal entry #1 – Heartbroken

Love. Often think about if love in this day and age is dead. Dead in a family-like sense. Like, Do we just love ourselves, or are we just afraid of loving each other during times so divided? Maybe, it's an unlikely fusion of both... Of course, we must love ourselves no matter what crisis may... Continue Reading →

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