Applez Can Kill

Shilly-shallying with friends under a night sky while high as bombs fly away in the background? Memories that'll last life times regardless of how different our ideas are within the pack. Just a bunch of souls intertwined by the wonders of love and learning as much as we can while we're still alive. Marveling at... Continue Reading →


*An older piece I had written in high school* Are we all kings? That title doesn't suffice my confusion. I think of it and feel exclusion. Last time that I looked around, I walked out of my apartment doors and heard 100 rounds, By the hands of my brethren. Latino/Hispanic Caucasian/Spanish Asian/African, It doesn't make... Continue Reading →

Proper ’12

They want you when you're under spotlights. But, When I step into the dark, They hate what they see and lock eyes, On what they now call a monster. Proper. Funny how I'm writing this at 12, Like Conor. Thinking all about how I left all the demons in my corner trying foster, An angel... Continue Reading →

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