Freewrite #16: Remembering The Feeling

Feelings are easily forgotten after an occurrence of Anger.When Rage fills your heart faster than what you can pour into your own well of emotions,Nothing matters!Accept for the red seen within every set of eye balls you decide to stare into for the moment. But,It's all about remembering the "feeling..."That feeling of peace you've once... Continue Reading →

Rain Of Terror

God is everything.And,I'm not a preacher trying to reach you.More like a teacher trying to teach youth.Really,Whomever may come across me while I seek truth... Yet,How do you obtain it?The trend most are into nowadays in,A city bound to cave in to temptations,Of raising a cup of Koolaid up to our faces,The same cup our... Continue Reading →

Burning Starz

Although I give my all to these poems, I feel like I don't give enough. So many metaphors for our sun, Yet, More attempts to brighten up within a bottle of moonshine poured within a cup, I used to grip onto for dear life! Everything is good when the cup is full, But, What happens... Continue Reading →


Indigo child. Celestial dreams. Stemming from a Queen carrying plethoras of burdens on her shoulders. Involved in so many matters, She shattered! Syphoning any kind of Light coming her way, Forming her cave of Darkness... Where I came out of. An accretion to a scorn embodying a murderous prowess, I've adopted. No chance for any... Continue Reading →

If Only She Saw…

The Madness. Of staying trapped between four walls reminding you of what happened... I'm quite sick of it! Why can't I get rid of this!? Thought of you piercing through my vision with, That smile so gorgeous, Yet so haunting... Don't mind me while I stand in front of my mirror, Just talking and talking.... Continue Reading →


How is it possible to react with Love, Since I've known Anger for much longer? An emotion esurient in nature, Coercing my mind to wear it like a badge of honor. And, In blunt fashion, Persuading my hands to cap off my night with Marijuana smoke and offer, My Demons, A hit or two, As... Continue Reading →

Aimless Drift

On most days,I feel as stoic as a stone chained to the inner core of Earth.And,I’ve never bothered to figure out why.Have you ever,Ever felt exhausted in all ways emotionally,That your light bulb shatters inside of your skull,As you flow on with the motion?I’m drifting aimlessly at the moment…Funny though,How most people who read my... Continue Reading →

Hot Seatz

Everything comes to an end. So, I'll keep flicking my wrist. Cooking up crack on a page and passing the Tests. Of life. Presented to me by the Crest I dearly look up to... All I want is Youth to be high, On all of the warmth provided by light... How it can't ever be... Continue Reading →

Blood On His Taste Budz

It's hard to even "want" to exist when you feel like everything you do is wrong. Almost as if your own voice is on egg shells. And, You won't even know the reason, Really. There's never an option of knowing. You just sit there quietly, Letting the internal box get smaller and smaller as your... Continue Reading →

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