The Hustle

Cocaine dreams.138th and cypress Ave.Where I learned my numbers,Colors and alphabets.MS-13s,BloodsCrips,Blues,Red… A bull,I was turned into.By minority tendencies.It's all I saw growing up,Only had I to fend for me…In the streets…Of NYC… Can't be taken out,Deceased,Ceased by the gun,Played by the one,Hollow tip out to pierce an empty soul.How ironic would that be? But,I just... Continue Reading →

Back In Shape

Been a square in a world said to come around full circle. Jumping over hurdles I am meant to soar past virtu- Ally. Using everything the Devil made as an Aly, Heaven sent to me as a reason for the balance that I need. And, I ain't the only one. Trying to keep running away... Continue Reading →

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