In Need Of Love

Desolation.Abandoned by those who've promised they wouldn't.Left stranded,Labeled a beast who shall be devoured by his own thoughts.Unworthy of love as a man with barely any change as well as anyone to hold,In a world that feeds it's cold heart by biting his flesh.Yet,He's only wrapped up in the one world he's made,While endlessly searching... Continue Reading →

Freewrite #31 – Turbulence Of Acrimony

Hatred.A spell that can have anybody embrace it.A feeling heightened to the maximum!When it's laced with,A bitter memory,Or,A few.A vendetta all because of jealousy running through you. How about every insecurity you had the chance to face,Already,Yet refused to... And,I believe we've all had a taste of its grip.Same with matters,Salacious,When tempted by the madness... Continue Reading →

Freewrite #30 – Not A Monster

Can't stop thinking about what it's like to be the guy every woman throw themselves at with full force. A lonely, nerdy dude like me, formerly 300 pounds up until my junior year of college at Queens, isn't so fun to be when you yearn for someone's embrace. Sure, all the weight is gone, have... Continue Reading →

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