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Burnout is definitely real,
According to my heart and mind so exhausted from uttering a single sentence,
Alongside a voice hurting for some silence.
A voice urging me to keep quiet before it blows!
Leaves my life scattered on the ground in more pieces than I can ever count.
It just,
Took longer than it should’ve,
My escape from my own mental traps.
A road seemingly longer than an eight-hour ride to the heartwarming beach shores of North Carolina,
Whichever lead you to peace of mind.
Regardless of the restlessness possessing every inch of my limbs when thinking of my turbulent trip,
I lean back on a school chair in relaxation.
Doused in a grin I have found in the grittiness of Battle.
Of all battles,
That one I’ve had against my demons’ failed attempt of deterring me away from a pen.
A journal.
A page where I’ve drowned each and everyone of them inside of…

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