Brief Intermissions

This very moment,
I prefer to die. And,
I don’t know why. Just,
So much Anger overflowing the bottle I’ve kept shut inside I,
Can’t seem to notice the brighter side.
I smoke.
Until the smoke becomes a canvas I can paint my dreams on.
Even if it all disappears,

*Side Note*

Hopefully everyone reading this right now is feeling good, doing good, blessed all around. Just wanted to give my apologies for the lack of consistency. Lately, my mind’s been a labyrinth in its own and been trying to heal from thoughts of not wanting to be “present” anymore. Sometimes, you have to take time for yourself so that you can realize your worth. Especially a loner like me with no one around. Please surround yourselves around good people that love you. Otherwise, it can drive you into dark caves you’d never thought you’d explore. God bless yall ❤

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