Classic Love Story

It’s a classic love story,
How I had us drinking champagne many stories up high.
Rose petals cluttered on our hotel mattresses,
Heart-shaped hot tubs,
As I dripped molasses in the crevice of your cleavage,
To taste how sweet is,
The openness of your intellect…

Do you recall our last night together,
Which dawns upon a reoccurring question?
Why’d you leave me stultified,
By lies within your beauty?
You seemed so voluptuous how you displayed self-indulgence.
Dependency was non-existent in every step you’ve taken.
Only difference this time around,
I’ve noticed your palms were tainted by Satan’s flame,
As I’ve mistaken them to be angelic…

That flame!…
That flame in your eyes that stirred my curiosity captured my soul in the fiery depths of your pupils,
Burned by your lust masquerading as love,
And I loved it…

I was,
Like a fish.
Lips kissed by the point of your deceit,
Cloaked by pseudo maxims of loyalty over royalty…
You soiled me,
Planting seeds of suspicion…

Your truths were a pretext to secrets concealed unwilling to unveil from its seal,
Not too far down from those scornful eyes I have tricked to reveal,
That of which I had wished to be unreal…

Back to that night,
Where our relationship’s history flashed before my eyes,
From our first moment locking lips in ’06 to our last,
Inside of my apartment’s living room,
As our love died,
Withering away underneath dimming lights…

Is what you felt strike upon the skin of your cheeks below the waist,
Licking you up and down between your collarbone and jaw,
Caressing your neck,
Squeezing your breasts,
Wetting your nipples with the same tongue I’ve expressed my love to you with…
A certain twinkle shined on me.
Same moment,
I had an epiphany…

I took a look at your chain,
My heart in the physical,
Pendant on its shackles while I get a little too lyrical…

“What’s wrong?”
You dared to inquire,
As I’ve unmasked hidden desires you’ve conspired against me for quite some time.
Stopping you on your tracks,
I asked back,
“What’s wrong?…”

Mirror on the wall,
What is that rock reflecting in my eyes I don’t remember installing at all?”

It was me that had it put in there!”
You say?

“I can’t help but laugh hysterically.
I might be,
But stupid I am not being that your funds come from me,
And I’ve been struggling the past few weeks…”

I know what it is,
At its finest…
I see.
Not able to bury you in jewelry most ludicrous,
Nor with outlandish plane tickets,
Nor feed you with reservations to the most expensive dinner tables,
And for what?
When I’m working from the ground up,
Sacrificing time doings things I don’t want to do,
To save lump sums,
but crushed I end up,
Because you let another man,
Use you…”

A fool I was made of.
You chanted I Love You as I said verbatim.
Only difference between us,
You lied…
As I meant every single word..
Being that you’re finally back after a couple of years,
In hopes of a second chance,
I just can’t….
The void you’re trying to fill already is.
She doesn’t take me for granted..

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